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Roofs in Florida are prone to algae infestation as the state falls under a high humidity zone. And over time, the house also accumulates mosses, lichens, dirt, or debris, giving a bad appearance to the community. Not only does it give a bad curb appeal, but it may also begin to deteriorate the roof over time. Typically, most roofs only need one or two cleanings within a lifetime of a roof.
There are various factors that contribute how often a roof will need to be cleaned. For example, how much shade your home receives is a big contributor. Whether or not trees are over hanging your home or how many trees are surrounding the area which contributes to how much pollen is in the area. What type of trees are overhanging your home or in the area. Whether or not there is large bodies of water nearby that contributes to the humidity. These factors make it so that it is recommended to inspect the roofs once every 5 years to assess if it needs to be cleaned.

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Roof cleaning for Commercial or Residential homes can be dangerous for the homeowners to complete the work themselves as there are risks involved. We are licensed, insured and experienced to handle this service for you. Keep in mind that you never want to apply high pressure water to a roof, regardless if it is tile, metal or a shingle roof. Roofs can be damaged if not done properly. Having the right tools to get the job is important. We use a soft wash system which applies an algaecide to the roof safely cleaning the area. We also take further precautions to bag the gutters and water the surrounding areas to prevent any run off on the roof from effecting the plants and grass surrounding the area.

Hiring a professional in this business could save you time, energy, and the potential risks involved. If you are in Florida, consider hiring Exterior House Washing Services for all your exterior needs. We are a exterior house cleaning agency specialized to clean roofs in the nearby region. The distance we are willing to travel will depend on the amount of work needing to be completed, so don't hesitate to inquire as our quote is free of charge.

It never hurts to inquire and even if we are not able to service your area, we are happy to help you with any questions or concerns you might have to allow you to make the right decisions moving forward with your home. With more than five years of experience in pressure washing and soft washing industry, Exterior House Washing Services has one of the highest and most desired ratings around our area - and has been delivering the best roof cleaning services in Orlando and all the surrounding areas.

Does your house need a roof cleaning?

Roofs typically need to be cleaned once every 5 to 10 years depending on various factors. We can safely assume that the unwanted appearance of your roof after a certain period of time is a natural process and occurrence. These occurrences are not limited to how much shade your home receives, how many trees are surrounding the area, whether or not trees are overhanging your roof. What type of trees are in the area is also a big factor, not to mention if there are large bodies of water in the area contributing to the humidity. So, does your house need a roof cleaning? Yes, every home will eventually need to be cleaned. If you are not sure, we can provide you with an assessment to help determine if you need your roof cleaned.

There are some things you should consider when cleaning your home. To help answer these questions, and you think a roof cleaning is required for your home, you should consider various factors to make you make the right decisions.

Here are some questions and answers for you to start considering, to get familiar and know what to expect during a roof cleaning:


Q: How much does a roof cleaning service cost?

A: Typically, we have a flat rate that is based off of square footage and will be provided with a free quote. In some rare cases, less than one percent of roofs we clean might have an accessibility issue or a severe amount of debris that would need to be removed from the area prior to cleaning. In these cases, there might be a slight up charge.


Q: Can you power wash a roof? Which cleaning process may suit best for my roof?

A: All roofs should be cleaned with sodium hypochlorite unless you have a galvanized roof. Keep in mind that not all metal roofs are galvanized. Most metal roofs are made out of aluminium which sodium hypochlorite is the recommend process to clean your home - along with all tile and shingle roofs. Under no circumstances do you ever want to apply high pressure water to a roof.


Q: What is all covered in a roof cleaning?

A: The entire roof is included on your home including sheds, garages or anything else located on the property that has a roof. If there is something you would like to not include, please specify.


Q: Which agencies provide roof pressure cleaning near me?

A: Most professional businesses can provide you with the same service. Not all the same services have the same outcome. Our recommendation that you should always look at the reviews of a company in relation to their prices and see which one suits you well.


Q: In which season should I clean the roof?

A: There is no particular time of the season that a home cannot be cleaned in Florida. Up north due the extreme cold and snow, this could be a factor. In Florida, it's more of a preference or current condition of the home that will dictate when It needs to be cleaned.


Q: Will the cleaning process damage my roof?

A: Cleaning a roof with a soft application spray using an algaecide will ensure no damage to your roof. This includes all various types of roofs excluding galvanized roofs - which the mass majority of metal roofs on residential homes are made out of aluminium and is deemed safe using this process.


Q: How much time will it take to complete the work, and if I would have the time to oversee the process?

A: The time factor will vary depending on the size of the home and how difficult access to the roof is. However, you do not necessarily need to be home during the cleaning process, although it is encouraged! Feel free to run errands throughout the day if needed, and if you need a specific arrival time, reach out to us one day prior during the evening and will be able to provide an approximate arrival time.

To determine whether or not your roof needs to be cleaned, there are a couple of observations that you can do to determine this. The first one would be the most obvious by seeing various contrasts of dark tones and lighter tones on your roof. This is almost always dark in color in relation to the normal color of your roof. In some rare and severe cases, the roof might be covered in algae throughout the entire roof not showing much contrast in color. If this is the case, try finding an area where you can see metal vents on top of your roof. When there is any type of metal located on your roof, it will oxidize over time, and due to that metallic oxidation, algae growth cannot live in the area just beneath those metal vents. This contrast may vary depending on certain areas of the roof due to the amount of shade your roof gets. Some parts of the roof, usually the north side of the home will be more effected by organic growth than other areas where the sun is more predominant in drying out the roof to restrict the amount of algae growth occurring in that area. If you are still unsure, feel free to contact us for a free evaluation and quote.

Why is it important to clean your roof?

Here are a few possible cases to consider why it may be important to clean your roof:

  1. A clean roof gives a good curb appeal to the house and even the entire neighborhood. A roof with heavy algae growth surely gives a bad appearance.
  2. Prevention of roof damage: A clean roof could prevent leakage, especially with shingle roofs. Over time, manufacturing companies are producing algae-resistant shingles by using copper-coated granules. Although it does provide se resistance, Mother Nature always finds a way. When it comes to metal roofs and tiles roofs, it's a cosmetic issue only. However, algae can have an effect on the paint quality of a metal roof. Tile/Clay roofs typically do not decay quicker due to the organic growth.
  3. Cleaning your roof is an investment. Consider cleaning your roof once every five to ten years depending on various factors. Shingle roofs typically only need to be cleaned 3 to 4 times within the lifetime of that particular roof needs to be replaced. To help ensure you get the most time out of your shingle roof, be sure to clean it when there are signs that it needs to be cleaned. This will help prevent premature leaks.

How to prevent algae growth and stains on the roof?

Use algae-resistant shingles. Copper-coated shingles seem to have proven in resisting algae growth. Trim overhead tree branches shadowing the roofs to allow sunlight over the tiles or shingles and prevent from leaves and branches accumulating on your roof. Call a professional roof cleaning service provider near you to evaluate your roof, and have them give your roof a brand new look every once in a few years to avoid the accumulation of dirt, algae, moss, lichens and debris effecting your roof.

Will roof cleaning service damage your roof?

A professional roof cleaning service will assess if a cleaning is needed and should be able to use the right tools and chemicals to ensure a great outcome without damaging your roof. In our industry, the term is considered as "Soft Wash." Never under any circumstances do you want to apply high pressure water to a roof or home.

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How Exterior House Wash Services, a leading roof cleaning service provider in Florida could help you with your roof cleaning services?

While there are many considerable ways to clean a roof, it is not without risks if not done properly. Not only will we make it look clean, we will also ensure we take careful measures to ensure that the roof is not damaged in the process. We have a 6 month satisfaction guarantee. If there are any issues within that time frame, we will return for free. Consider hiring our professional roof cleaning service as we have cleaned thousands of roofs due to our past experiences and knowledge. We cover all of Central Florida and have been servicing the in the areas for many years. To our credit, we also have the highest quality of five stars ratings in Central Florida. With our experience in the industry, we understand roofs in the Orlando, Orange County, Polk County, and the surrounding regions. We have the capability to get the job done right the first time around.

At Exterior House Wash Services, we make sure that:

  • The roofs will always look clean and bright.
  • Careful measures and procedures are taken so that the roofs are not damaged.
  • Right tools are always used
  • Quality service is given with an assurance to return for free if you feel dissatisfaction with our service up to 6 months after the work has been completed.

How much does our roof cleaning cost?

Roof washing service pricing can vary a little depending on several factors. We provide affordable roof washing services in the local area with a quality assurance. Call us today for your free roof cleaning service quote at 321-626-5488 or request a free quotation using our form on our website. All you have to do is submit it.

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Eric cleaned the entire exterior of my home, including the highest places where organic growth was making black streaks. The result looked like a new house with a fresh coat of paint. Highly recommended and affordable. Call Eric for professional power washing services.

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