Pressure Washing For Exterior House Wash

Pressure washing uses the high-pressure water spray to remove loose paint, grime, mold, dirt, and mud from the house's surfaces. A pressure washer can turn the look of the house exterior. Whether preparing for a fresh coat of paint, a pressure washer is a perfect tool to tackle the variety of surfaces and projects around the home's exterior. It is essential to use it correctly; otherwise, the surfaces can damage. Here in this blog, we'll look at pressure washing for an exterior house wash.

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Pressure Washing for Exterior House Wash

There are two categories of pressure washers, one is gas, and another one is electric. Both types are used for residential and commercial usage. When choosing the pressure washer, we mainly need to focus on PSI which stands for pounds per square inch. The second thing is the GPM which stands for gallons per minute. The highest PSI has powerful enough to remove the dirt from the surfaces. The highest GPM increases the speed of cleaning the large areas of the house.

What Includes Pressure Washing?

We are well aware of the usage of pressure washing for the exterior house wash. Let's look at which areas and objects can be covered in the pressure washing.

  • Gutters: Clean and operational guttering is essential in keeping our houses healthy. If the guttering is clogged, there are very high chances of rainwater escapes. It'll result in the soakage of outer walls with the risk of seepage and permanent damage. There is no doubt to unblock the gutters, specialized technicians are required. With a suitable accessory, the pressure washing will provide this degree of maintenance. You'll get the professional and surprising pressure washing service for gutter cleaning.
  • Siding: We have the pressure washing here to clean the siding area for an exterior house wash. Using a pressure washer for the cleaning siding of your exterior house wash may seem like a no-barrier. Pressure washing is easy to operate and perfectly safe for cleaning the siding. Most house owners consider a gas-powered pressure washer that is more powerful to reach high and hard to get spots. Regular house siding cleaning is essential from a maintenance standpoint.
  • Windows: Pressure washing is the best available option for the exterior house wash when cleaning your windows. Using the pressure washer cleaning the windows can speed up the process immensely. Even it won't take the whole day on this chore. Pressure washing is the popular way to clean the windows, and experts must do this task. Experts take care of the instructions while cleaning the windows to avoid damage.
  • Driveways: Pressure washing offers both power and pressure washing services to house owners seeking to improve the safety and appearance of their home's driveways area. Pressure washing is a method using boiling water. This method cleans surfaces utilizing the water pressure of about 3500 PSI. Regular driveway cleaning is necessary with all the humidity and dampness in our beloved house, mold, and grime build-up on concrete.
  • Porches: Pressure washing the porches at your house can make them look better. There is nothing like hanging out on the porches and enjoying a little time outdoors when the weather is nice. Porches are an excellent investment for any family, but there is no doubt that ownership does come with some responsibility. Pressure washing is a recommendation for your exterior house wash to keep your porches in good shape and enjoy their benefits.
  • Fencing: The wooden fencing is strong, but it isn't impervious to the power of mother nature. Because of the storms roll through and the winds, your fences are prone to damage from the moisture, temperature changes, mildew, and dirt. Pressure washing helps your fence washes out all of that dirt and mold. It prepares your fencing for a new coat of finish. It would help if you planned to pressure wash your fencing before applying a coat of stain since your finish would seal in mildew and dirt otherwise.
  • Outdoor Furniture: Using pressure washing services to clean the house's outdoor furniture is a money-saving activity. Pressure washing can be done with all-natural water to make it environmentally friendly. There is no need for harmful soaps and chemicals that can seep into the ground. All outdoor furniture is pressure washable to a degree, but some fair better than others. Metal furniture responds great to pressure washing but needs to be wiped down afterward to prevent rust.
  • Stairs & Walkway: Stairs and walkways can get caked in dirt from many foot traffic and Mother Nature. Blasting it with a pressure washer should clean it up thoroughly and leave the surface gleaming, adding a lot of curb appeal to your home. Stairs and walkways collect all sorts of impurities, from dirt to automotive fluids. Over time, they can collect and make your area look dirty. However, a few quick sweeps with a pressure washing and your stairs and walkways will look as good as new.

How to Choose a Pressure Washing Company in Orlando?

When you start thinking about the pressure washing services in Orlando, you start worrying about the risks of having the services at your home. Like definitely, you should go for the services that will not damage your house's exterior. The pressure washing team should be highly trained and can blast through the toughest dirt, algae, stains, mold, and other debris with absolute ease. All while keeping your Orlando area house safe. You can look for the services which will provide a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. The pressure washing services have good ratings and customers' reviews to get the best services.


Ensuring your exterior house maintains a welcoming and professional look can be brutal. Your complex variety of factors working against you like pollution, grease, mildew, birds, gum, graffiti, and dirt can make your roof, walls, windows, and sidewalks filthy. Pressure washing is essential to eliminate these ugly marks, streaks, and stains. Clean and polish exterior house wash using water pressures and water temperatures. Moreover, to remove the dirt and grime, the pressure washing of your house can carry various benefits.

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